Broadway Bank to Move to Austin | Dripping Springs Estate Planning Attorney

San Antonio-based Broadway Bank has planned a move to Austin, according to The community bank plans to open its Austin headquarters, which will be a full-service branch, by Spring. The eventual goal is to spend about $20 million dollars opening four to six locations and employing about 50 people. The bank bought Balcones Bank in 2005, which has branches in Dripping Springs and Bee Cave. Broadway Bank tries to offer all of the services of a large bank while retaining the community bank feel. This move is important because it not only creates jobs in Austin and Dripping Springs, but it also demonstrates the rebounding economy and shows that businesses are willing and able to expand.

Has your family felt the benefits of economic improvement in the area? It may be time to contact an experienced Dripping Springs Estate Planning Attorney to discuss your family’s future.

By any estimate, the number of Americans who die without a will is extremely high, well over 50%. This number is disturbing because when you have no will, the probate court has tremendous authority to decide what to do with your assets. Of course, outstanding debts will be paid out of your estate, but the value of a will for protecting the future of your family can not be underestimated.

If you have felt a boost from the economic upswing, contact an experienced Dripping Springs estate planning attorney right away to discuss your options. Brian Daniel is a dedicated Dripping Springs estate planning attorney who has helped countless people to secure their future and the financial future of their families. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, call Brian today at The Daniel Law Firm at (512)615-3569.

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