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Protecting Yourself, Your Family and Your Assets

Dripping Springs Estate Planning Attorney R. Brian Daniel

Pondering one’s own mortality is not normally anyone’s favorite pastime; however, the reality is that we will all either become incapacitated or die at some point in the future. The resulting effects on your family and loved ones can be emotionally devastating. With proper planning today, however, future difficulties related to your death or incapacity can be minimized because many can be prearranged by you. The ability to make decisions regarding your finances, your medical care, the handling of a terminal illness or condition and the disposition of your assets can all but alleviate the need for your friends and family to be called upon to make difficult decisions or take any complex actions. Your loved ones can then focus on comforting each other.

A Dripping Springs Estate Planning Lawyer at The Daniel Law Firm can help you by providing assistance today with a Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Elder Law issues, Probate, Estate Administration and the many various legal issues that may arise when you become incapacitated or when you die. Each of these areas can involve complex, confusing and technical legal issues and language, as well as many very emotional personal and family issues.

The Estate Planning Experience That Matters

Dripping Springs Estate Planning Attorney R. Brian Daniel has many years of experience dealing with these areas of the law and with individuals coping with the emotional effects resulting from a loved one becoming sick, incapacitated or reaching their death. At The Daniel Law Firm, we are confident that we can offer you the technical legal advice you’ll need, as well as the compassion and understanding necessary to address each of the many issues related to putting together an Estate Plan or Probating the Estate of a loved one. The focus on listening and the ability to take the time necessary to explain the details of the best available options to each client are what we believe set us apart as a Firm. We understand that your legal issues are very important to you and we want you to feel as if we are part of your team when dealing with those issues.

It is a simple fact that proper planning can save time, money and even emotional toil when a loved one becomes sick, incapacitated or dies. We feel strongly that our ability to share our experience and expertise can make planning for, or living through, a difficult situation much more bearable.

If you are anywhere in the Greater Austin area or its surrounding cities, and need assistance with any Texas Estate Planning issues or with the Probate of an Estate, please reach out to Dripping Springs Estate Planning Lawyer at The Daniel Law Firm. We take great pride in serving clients all over Central Texas. Let us discuss the best strategy for moving your Estate Planning, Probate, Will, Power of Attorney, Elder Law or Trust issues forward in both a positive direction and timely manner. Contact an Dripping Springs Estate Planning Attorney at The Daniel Law Firm today at (512) 615-3569.

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