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Kiplinger’s is reporting on the importance of teaching your college-aged children to protect themselves against identity theft. As the school year ramps up, and millions of teenagers go off to college to live away from the relative security of home for the first time, they are beginning to develop habits that, good or bad, may stay with them forever. In the age of technology, it is vital that kids who are moving toward adulthood and financial independence understand how to protect their personal information. Some major tips from the Kiplinger’s report: have your child’s important mail sent to your home rather than a dorm room, or have them go paperless; ensure that laptops, smart phones, and other wireless devices are password protected in case they are lost or stolen; make sure your child understands how to steer clear of phishing scams; let them know that they need to be careful about the security of wireless internet access. Unfortunately, in some cases, identity theft has led to serious long-term financial difficulties.

Has identity theft caused you a financial burden that you don’t seem to be able to escape from? It may be time to consult with an experienced Dripping Springs bankruptcy attorney.

Based on data reported by the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics, about 7% of American households, or 8.6 million, experienced some form of identity theft to one or more member of the household in 2010. Fortunately, in nearly one fourth of those instances, there was no direct financial loss. However, over 64% of those instances of identity theft involved the misuse of an existing credit card. The real problem is that in a few very advanced cases, an identity thief who is never caught can cause seemingly irreparable damage to a person’s credit. In some cases, the best way to get out from under the burden of identity theft turns out to be personal bankruptcy.

If you have been victim to severe identity theft, or for any other reason have experienced a financial problem that you can’t seem to move past, contact an experienced Dripping Springs bankruptcy attorney right away. In general, there is no quick and easy solution to these concerns; you need someone who is dedicated to helping you to understand what you are up against, and how to get on with your life. Dripping Springs bankruptcy attorney Brian Daniel has helped countless people to get out from under financial problems and get on with their lives. For more information and a FREE CASE EVALUATION call Brian today at (512)615-3569.

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