Residential Capital Files for Chapter 11 Reorganization – Austin Bankruptcy Attorney

USA Today reports on a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing by Residential Capital, sometimes known as ResCap, which is Ally Financial’s mortgage business. Ally Financial received a $17.2 million bailout, which helped it survive the economic downturn, but now ResCap is in trouble, and management hopes that by filing for Chapter 11, they will be able to remain in business. ResCap has apparently reached agreements with many of its creditors, and hopes that the bankruptcy process will be relatively quick.

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It seems like every week carries news of some huge corporation filing for bankruptcy, and some of the details come out in the paper, but there still remains a lot of misunderstanding about what bankruptcy is, especially as it pertains to businesses. In these difficult economic times, a lot of smaller businesses in Austin are having trouble keeping their doors open. In some cases, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be a good way for businesses to keep their doors open, and get back on their feet. The most important thing that many people don’t realize is that a Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows you to repay debts on a plan, often at a discounted rate, and keep your doors open. Many businesses have been able to use Chapter 11 as a way to get back to profitability.

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