Dripping Springs Last Will and Testament Attorney

Directing the Distribution of Your Estate

Dripping Springs Attorney R. Brian Daniel

The Last Will and Testament is a document wherein you may direct how your estate should be administered and divided. Although provisions are made for the payment of all outstanding debts and taxes, the main purpose of a Will is to commemorate your desires and wishes with regard to where you want certain of your assets to go upon your death. Your Will is also the document that dictates the personnel you choose to act as the Personal Representative(s) of your Estate and as the Guardian(s) for any of your children if you die before they reach the age of 18. If any trusts are set up within your Will (typically to hold assets or funds for a person who has not yet reached a certain age), the Will can also dictate your choice for the individual who will act as the Trustee for that trust.

In order to prepare a Will, it is important to seek the advice and assistance of a Dripping Springs Estate Planning Attorney to ensure that your desires are reduced to a writing that says what you want it to say. Too many times, people write down a statement that, in the eyes of the law, says something different that they intended. For this reason, and in order to make certain that your Will is in compliance with the current laws of the State of Texas, retaining a Dripping Springs Estate Planning Lawyer to prepare your Will is vital.

At The Daniel Law Firm, we offer a Will Package that includes a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will, a Medical Power of Attorney, a General Power of Attorney and a Land Power of Attorney (for use if you own real estate at the time of your death or incapacity). By combining all of these very important documents, your Dripping Springs Estate Planning Attorney can make certain that the documents are in sync with each other and that they are all in compliance with the laws of the State of Texas.

If you are considering a Last Will and Testament in the State of Texas, Contact Brian Daniel – Dripping Springs Estate Planning Lawyer of The Daniel Law Firm. Call us today at (512) 615-3569.

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